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You Need a True Friend:: 2


If we want to look at a biblical character that embodies the characteristics and traits of a true friend we need to look no further than David’s side kick, Jonathan. A Jonathan is a true friend who loves you as much as himself or herself. As Cicero said, “A true friend is a second self.”

A Jonathan believes in you when no one else does.
A Jonathan is loyal when you make it hard to be loyal.
A Jonathan is the first to call in good times and bad.
A Jonathan gives and gives and expects nothing in return.
A Jonathan walks with you during all seasons of life.
A Jonathan does not carry an agenda for you.
A Jonathan stands with you when you are at your worst and loves you regardless.
A Jonathan keeps you in check when you want what you can’t have.
A Jonathan grants grace when you take him or her for granted.
A Jonathan defends life’s meaning when life has lost its meaning.

What are the characteristics of a true friend? What should you look for in seeking a Jonathan? Tomorrow I’ll get into five of those very traits that makes a true friend true.

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