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You Need an Intercessor:: 3


What should you look for in an intercessor? What characteristics should he or she possess?

1. An intercessor should be someone who loves you.
Your intercessor will love you and desire more for you than is in their power to give. From more than duty or obligation, intercessors will offer prayer as a gift of love.

2. An intercessor should be someone who actually prays.
Pray-ers pray. They “stand in the gap,” building spiritual bridges between where you are and the throne of God. They are not counselors, advisors, guides, encouragers, or mentors. They are certainly not gossips! They are people who pray.

3. An intercessor will pray for spiritual needs in addition to the physical needs.
I love the writings of the Apostle Paul. I must confess that I’m always a bit ashamed when I read the prayers he offered on behalf of his readers. Paul’s readership faced horrible life circumstances, and I’m sure those concerns were top of mind to him. But the prayers that have been recorded and preserved for 2,000 years are the ones that address spiritual needs. Intercessors are sympathetic to the tangible battles in the valley. But they see the physical struggles from a spiritual dimension, and that will be the thing that gives shape and focus to their prayers.

There are probably other things you will want to consider as you seek an intercessor. But these three things will easily help you identify the person that will sit on the the hill top high above your valley.

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