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Your Best Avenue for Growth (part 3)


Yesterday I posted that the first goal that Jesus accomplished when He set out to develop catalytic leaders was for them to connect relationally with himself and one another. His second goal was to provide opportunities for spiritual growth. As the disciples lived in the shadow of Jesus for three years they heard Jesus teach many things. While his content focused on the fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures and life in the Kingdom of God, the most important factor in their growth and development was that they were in close proximity to him. Close proximity is the means by which our knowledge of Christ becomes experience with Christ.

The final goal for this small group was for them to serve graciously. He promised the disciples on the front end of their commitment that they would be authorized and sent to be his incarnational presence in the world. The three years they would spend in his shadow would provide the necessary equipping they would need to accomplish everything he desired to accomplish. And fortunately for us, they embraced their sentness and carried the gospel forward to the end of the first century. Jesus called the disciples to come to the mountain. But mountain top experiences are a means to an end. Jesus called them to the mountain so He could send them back to the valley where the work is done.

Your best avenue for growth is not worship attendance nor is it private study, although those activities are good and necessary. It’s found in community where you can connect relationally, grow spiritually, and serve graciously. Jesus is calling you to the mountain. He’s calling others to go with you. And as His work in you matures He’ll send you and your fellow disciples back down the mountain to the valley where the pressing crowds of broken people are waiting.

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