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Your Best Avenue for Growth


There’s something about a big crowd that is impressive. Take sporting events for example. Can you think of a professional sport that doesn’t announce “tonight’s attendance?” Or a newspaper report on a political event that doesn’t include the number of people who attended the $1,000 per plate black tie dinner? We like to count people, and we love to count lots of people.

During the early part of Jesus ministry he drew crowds. Big, impressive ones at that. If Jesus were teaching today he’d be interviewed by CNN and New York Times. Church leaders would be demanding conferences, and publishers would be requesting manuscripts for the next great “how to” manual on how to draw crowds and how to effectively communicate to the crowds once they have been gathered.

Jesus could attract a crowd but he knew that he wouldn’t change the world with a big crowd. Those big crowds can be fickle, and before you know it the people who shout “Hosanna” on Sunday morning can cry “Crucify!” by the end of the week. So rather than commit himself to the flash mobs, Jesus instead selected 12 men and made a three year investment in their lives. This week I’m going to write a series of posts on how participating in a small group is your best avenue for spiritual transformation. This isn’t a series putting down big churches or notable pastors. This is a series that is simply designed to argue that when you decide you want to be a catalyst for the sake of the Kingdom, your first step needs to be a small one.

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