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Your Foundation Will Determine Your Height


The building with the deepest foundation in the world can be found in Malaysia. The Petronis Towers, standing some 1,483 feet above ground rests upon a foundation that reaches 394 feet beneath the earth’s surface. For a point of reference, the tallest building in Iowa is 801 Grand, which headlines the Des Moines skyline at 630 feet.

The simple lesson is this: the greater the structure, the deeper the foundation. If you want God to build height and breadth in your life, he will first have to build depth. And more often than not, the way he builds depth into your life is to allow you to experience adversity.

Joseph walked a lonely path of suffering for 13 years before he recognized that his God given ambition would come true. Those 13 years were not wasted years. God used the adversity to prepare Joseph for the ultimate challenge of success. Joseph learned to tenaciously cling to God during those days of character development. He developed a dependence that was so strong that he never lessened his grip when he was exalted and promoted.

Many people know how to cling to God when God is all they have. But it can be even more difficult to cling to God like your life depends on it when all is well. Do you cling to God when all is well? Or do you only look to God when things “go south?”

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